Avid (Digidesign) SC48 digital console (48 x 16) with custom plug-ins
       Digico SD 9 with 2 SD racks (64 x 32 I/O) with 75m Cat5 snake (new)
       Midas Heritage H1000 32 mono + 8 stereo console
       Allen & Heath ML5000 32 mono + 4 stereo channels VCA console
       Midas Venice 320 console
       Yamaha O1V96i digidal mixer (new)
       Allen & Heath GL 2800m  32 ch. 16 aux sends monitor console
       Allen & Heath Mixzizard 16:2
       Mackie VLZ3  6 channels small mixer
        Nexo S12 series high output line array speaker
        Nexo PS15 monitor/main speaker
        Nexo LS1200 subwoofers
        Nexo PS8 monitor/main speaker
        EAW KF 300e compact biamp speaker
        EAW LA 215 monitor/main full range speaker
        EAW SB528z dual 18" 2000w high output subwoofer
        Danley TH-115 tapped horn subwoofer (8 ohms version)
        QSC Wideline 10 Line Array high output speakers
        QSC HPR 122i powered speaker
        JBL 712m biamped / passive speakers (monitor or foh)
        Yorkville LS808p active subwoofer
        Community SLS960 3-way passive high output speaker
        Community XLT46e 3 ways speaker
        FBT Maxx4a biamped active monitor/main 500w

       QSC PL 6.0 (6000w) power amp
       QSC PL 9.0 (9000w) power amp
       QSC PL380
       QSC PL4.0 (4000w) power amp
       QSC PLX 3402
       QSC PL236
       Nexo NXAmp 4x4 (4 channels amp, 1900w @ 8 ohms, nexo processor built in)

      Audio Technica Elite 5000 UHF Band D (600 MHz) with T5400 condenser capsules
      Audio Technica Elite 5000 UHF Band D (600 MHz) with T1000 Unipak
      Shure UHF Wireless mics with beta 58, beta 87 capsules and beltpacks
      Countryman Isomax E6 miniture headsets
      Countryman Isomax B3 lavaliers
      Audio Technica PRO 37 Cardioid Condenser Mic
      Sennheiser MD 421 Large Diaphragm Cardioid Dynamic Mic
      Shure Beta 58A Supercardioid Vocal Mic
      Shure SM-58 Cardioid Vocal / Instrument Mic
      Shure SM-57 Cardioid Instrument Mic
      Shure Beta 87A Supercardioid Vocal Mic
      Shure Beta 98 toms / horns Mics
      Shure Beta 91 Cardioid  Condenser Boundary Mic
      Shure Beta 52 kick Mic
      Audix D6 kick Mic
      Neumann KMS105
      AKG 1000S Cardioid, Hypercardioid  Condender Mic
      Audio Technica ATM 350 clip on condenser mic
      Audio Technica 2020 Condenser Mic
      Rode NT5 (pair) condenser mic
      Helpingstill grand piano pickup
     Ashly Protea II DSP system (4inputs - 8outputs)
     Klark Teknik KTDN 8000 DSP (3inputs - 5 outputs)
     BSS FDS 310 stereo 2 ways analog crossover
     Nexo PS15 processor
     Nexo PS8 Processor



    Emperical Lab Distressor
    Ashly Protea II system with remote graphic EQ
    Ashly GQX 3101 stereo 31 bands graphic EQ
    Ashly PQX 572 stereo 7 bands parametric EQ
    BSS FCS-960 stereo 31 bands graphic EQ
    DBX 2231 stereo 31 bands graphic EQ with limiter
    Sabine Graphic Q
    Presonus ACP 88 (8 ch. of comp and gate)
    DBX 160a compressor
    TC Electronic triple-C digital compressor
    Yamaha SPX 990 stereo reverb and effects
    TC Electronic M 2000 digital effects
    TC Electronic M 3000 digital effects
    TC Electronic M One XL digital effects
    Lexicon 480L  digital reverb
    BBE Sonic Maximizer 862 balanced in/output
    Midas XL42 Mic Pre / EQ
    DBX 2015 stereo 15 bands graphic EQ with limiter
    Drawmer DS404
    BSS DPR404 4 ch.  Compressor / De-esser
    Focusrite Voicemaster micpre
    Lexicon 960L super digital effects (8 analog engines / 4 AES)
    Presonus Blue Tube
    Presonus Blue Max
    Whirlwind IMP2
    Radial Pro48 passive and active DI
    Countryman type 85 active DI
    Rapco quad DI
    54 ch. Ramtech 2 way, 300 ft snake (disconnect)
    40 ch. snake with transformer (175' to FOH, 50' to monitor)
    EWI 200 ft 32 x 8 reel snake
    Rapco 16x4 100' snake
    Whirlwind 50' subsnake 8 ch.
    Whirlwind 50' subsnake 6 ch.
    Whirlwind 50' subsnake XLR to XLR
    Whirlwind 150' 24x8 snake
    HHB 850 CD Recordable
    Denon CD/Cass combo model 610T
    Protool LE, 32 out from Digidesign SC48
    Madi interface 48 outs from Digico SD9

    Highend Studio Spot 575
    Highend Studio Color wash fixture 575
    Robe Scanner 575
    Robe Spot 575xt
    Road Hog console
    Elation LED 48 blinder
    Elation Optipar 575w
    Elation Opti Tripar LED
    Antari Z400 hazer

    Motion Lab